Hyper local communication is our fine way to help you achieve your marketing goals.

A single location or a worldwide network, a regional option or a cross-media campaign, we offer you tailor-made local marketing solutions based on your business strategy.
Bestandskunden Marketing
Client Relations

Increase the frequency of your subsidiaries by launching precisely targeted campaigns!

New Business

Approach your potential clients with a customized on the local stores adjusted offer!


Make your brand a vital part of the client`s „Relevant Set“


The hyper local communication is as multi-functional as your marketing goals. Program your local marketing in terms of the general marketing strategy according to the individual needs of your clients.

Local Listing

Get full control and transparency over your directory entry!

Consistency and overall unity is crucial to the local rankings. It does not matter which search engines, social networks, assessment portals, map services, apps, voice search tools or GPS-Systems are used to find your company.

We deliver precise and consistent local listing services for every possible entry and platform.

How we do it? We overtake the local listing management for all the relevant data and locations for you.

Local SEO

Reach out to your clients exactly at the places where they spend most of their time! Consumers tend to search “on the go” more and more.

The Google search results for certain keywords are displayed very locally nowadays. Use local marketing so that your products and services are easier to find within certain areas.

We optimize your whole online presence – technically, structurally and including all content-related questions – in order for your business to be displayed in a highest possible position in the search results, and we also support you with the local link management.

Local SEA

Lead your clients though Mobile Ads and “Local Inventory Ads” right into your local store!

Internet and its constant availability made a great difference to the consumer behavior. Almost every third search query is a local one nowadays – and this tendency is getting stronger day by day. It is very important for the locally active companies to personalize the search queries and to improve them according to the needs of the local consumers.

This is the only way to guide your potential customers into the store and the increase the possibility of an immediate purchase.

Programmatic Advertising

Avoid the loss of coverage! Use Data & Insights for the locally targeted campaigns!

Modern targeting technologies and quality data allow to create locally targeted campaigns with high precision. With programmatic advertising we are always on guard so that the right clients are contacted with the right offer at the right time.

Every smallest detail of your advertising campaign should be displayed correctly and suitable for a certain device that is located in the targeting zone – from smartphone and tablet to desktop computer.

Mobile Advertising

Build a bridge using Mobile Advertising on a smartphone to an exact offer in a store!

Mobile Advertising is the actual Advertising State of the Art. No other media is capable of gaining so relevant attention of the client. When a potential consumer feels a sudden urge to make a purchase right away, the first thing one will do will be using a smartphone to find the closest store.

Mobile communication offers an ultimate way to make a connection between online and offline!

Content & Creation

Take over the “Micro Moment” with an effective advertising message! Smart content leads to successful campaigns!

Even when the planning and the targeting is perfect, communication can still go the wrong way if the advertising message is unfitting. We do our best to create a relevant message in the appropriate style. It means, of course, that the work remains conform to CI and the content is prepared adequate for the chosen target group.

Win new clients for your local store using the advertising messages exclusively fitting for your target group.

Multi Advertising - How it works!

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Use efficient technology and reliable data to create effective and cost-efficient campaigns for your locations in real time and highly precise GEO-targeting.


Start precise campaigns with the combination of GEO-fencing and smart data.

Our campaigns are based on the large number of local and user-based data. As a source (for example, location, consumer behavior, interests etc.) can be used your available user data, CRM-data or third party data can be used to empower you individualized ads and campaign set-up. Each campaign uses new data which is required for the optimization.

Smart Ads

No more excuses for irrelevant advertising! Use Smart Ads in order to cover the needs of your local clients.

On the basis of the consumer behavior we generate an individual dynamic real time ad for each device. It is always CI-conform and contain individualized information about the location and product. Each banner is unique – Smart Ads make it possible.

Multi Advertising Technologie

Manage your custom-made local campaigns for all your locations! Quick, transparent managed from one place.

Multi Advertising technology is the perfect vehicle to make your marketing stronger for all your stores and franchise-systems with several locations (POS). The advanced campaign management platform is a central dashboard with gives a detailed overview over the local marketing on the location level. Plan central and transparent!

Local Landing Pages

Start a dialog leaving and moving around your store! Try an individual local microsite for each location!

Local landing pages allows you to lead dialogue with your client and increase conversions and success of all your marketing efforts. Local landing pages for each store/branch is a must have for a successful local marketing strategy. Let us advise you on this option that best fits your website and product for the purpose of sales increase!


...und many more.

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Since 1999 we have been actively working on the development and implementation of the performance and branding campaigns and have established ourselves as one of the leading marketing agencies in Germany. We target tangible marketing success, use the innovative technologies and cover the whole spectrum of the digital marketing services in a data-based, performance-oriented and carefully controlled way. Our expertise has already helped numerous clients and partners to bring their performance to the next lever. Contact us today and find out how high your chances in local marketing can be!
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